Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Damn! Noob!

Thursday. 25 March 2010. 4.23 a.m.
I'd just played 3 frames of DotA. Damn! I'm so frustrated! So %^#&%! The game is so boring! All of them!

Imagine having a teammate who doesn't know their role. Imagine Magnus who doesn't know how to 'ulti' when GB-ing.Even better, he waits till all the enemy are far away before casting ulti! Imagine support hero who doesn't know to play support. Imagine having a teammate who feeds from early game. Imagine having Twin Headed Dragon who wants to buy 'Eye of Skadi' even when there are no other supporters in the team. Imagine having a noob player who pick Pudge as his hero and always miss when hooking. Imagine this. Imagine that. Arrrgh! Tension! Damn! Don't play with with me if you don't know how to play! Don't join my game!

P.S: If you are not a DotA player, then you won't understand this. (^^)

                                       p/s : This pic is just for illustration purpose only.

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