Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hati seorang remaja.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


16 DISEMBER 2009. 2.02 a.m
Duduk seorang diri di depan pc. Sesorang. Kepuasan melepaskan nafsu di DotA masih terasa. Kelaparan. Kebosanan. Dan aku terfikir tentang sesuatu. Sesuatu yang selama ni memang dah lama bermain di benak fikiran aku. Kenapa hidup ini susah sangat. Kenapa kita kena bersusah-susah untuk mengejar kebahagiaan?
Kenapa kita perlu sentiasa berkorban untuk menggapai bintang-bintang yg sememangnya sukar untuk digapai. Kata orang hidup ini memang susah. Dan petikan dari hidup KAMI. Hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada. tapi betul ke esok masih ada. Atau itu semua hanya kata-kata kosong yang dusta semuanya. Aku sering tertanya-tanya. Apa aku ini memang tidak layak untuk gembira seperti orang lain? Apa sememangnya aku perlu meletakkan diri ini sentiasa di belakang dan orang lain di hadapan. Apa tiada ruang langsung untuk diri ini dalam dunia hipokrit ini. YA. Dunia ini HIPOKRIT. Dan aku juga sama hipokrit. Kepercayaan kian hilang dan yang bertambah cuma penipuan. Apa perlu aku menaruh kepercayaan kepada mereka.? Mereka yang masih tidak aku kenal hati budinya. Mereka yang bisa menikam dari belakang pada bila-bila masa? Mungkin masa akan mengurai semua persoalan.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Starts of a change perhaps?

It's a start of a new semester.
What should we be doing?
Should we just stay the same as in last semester?
Or should we change our attitude and 'upgrade' ourselves?
There are some resolution that we tend to make but failed to achieve.
Why is that?
Think about it and ask why aren't we achieving it yet.
For me, it's just because im still not ready to face the future.
i don't know what kind of future awaits me after i achieve what i've been dreaming now.
It scares me. YES! The future is so scary for me.

It's a start of a new semester.
Classes are starting. Some new subjects registration are to be made.
Lectures are waiting in the lecture halls.
Where are the students?
Where is me? Am i in the class? Or am I still in my room?
Sleeping? Playing games?
Come on SUB! Make a CHANGE!!
Go to class.! You need to! Score the marks that you're supposed to get.
Don't just be satisfied with your current result!
I know you can do better than that.
YES! I'm smart. I know that. People often said that to me. Im just lazy. I know that too.
I just cant change the way im living my life right now.
Guess im still immature. Still a kid trying to find his way into the life.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Those are the time..

There are some moments that we really cherish and we hope that time will stop and we can stay at that time forever. There are moments that are very heartbreaking and we despise the time because the time passes slowly. But this is the reality of life. Time never stops. The clock keeps ticking and time passes by. Not one second slower and not one second faster. Time passes flawlessly.

Rewind to our pasts. Do we really did anything we could to ensure those time is not wasted? Do we appreciate all those people around us that love us? People that are willingly to sacrifice themselves just to make sure we are safe? People that hide their hunger just to make sure we can have something to eat. People that we call our MUM and DAD? Just think about your past and think about how you are treating them now.

Fast-forward the time and there is the future. Yes! The future holds a lot of new things to be explore and new things to learn. Where does your future goes? Is it still the same as now? Or is it still the same as it is 10 years back then? Are your parent still with you? Are they still alive? If they are alive then how have you been treating them all this time? If they are long dead, Cry all you wants but they are never coming back. If they are dead, then think how have you been treating them when they are still alive? Do you even have the time to take care of them when they aren't able to feed themselves? Do you help clean them when they peed themselves? Have you fulfill your promises made to them? And the most importance of all, do you even get the chance to apologize to them?

Just think how have we been treating our parent. The past is the past. And the future is in our hand. We are going to decide it. Never let your love one feel alianated. Don't let them feel sad. Don't make them despise you. Their despise is our fall. Cherish them while they are still alive. Give your prayers if they are not in the our world anymore. Don't let them down. Live the moment that we are living now. Forget the past. Live the day.



Here we go!
The dilemma of life.

Puffin' baby. WOW!!
Puffin' boys. Trouble maker!
Puffin' teens. Attention Seekers!
Puffin' Adults. ?? Stress perhaps.
Puffin' Elders. It's a habit.

Whenever u start puffin', there will be perception threw towards you.
Y are there these kind of people who LOVE judging people exist in our life.
Is it because they care? Or is it because of the jealousy that sips in because they never did it so.
Puffin' is not cool at all. Puffin' is not HEALTHY. Puffin' is BAD.
Yeah.! We know that. But who are you to judge us?
Did we ever did anything that give u the right to judge us just because we puff?
Those who like to judge just can go to hell.
Yeah! We aren't to give it a damn even if u told the whole world who we are.
We are who we are.