Monday, June 14, 2010

10th June 2010. What A Day!

10th June 2010.

9 a.m - 6 p.m : Went to work. Not work actually. I'm just doing my industrial training in a company somewhere in Sunway.

6.30 p.m : Went back home, have my dinner and freshen up and then rushed to Section 13 Shah Alam.

9.00 p.m : Location - Surfer, Sec. 13 Shah Alam. Waiting for my friends, Milo and Bob.

9.30 p.m : Went into Surfers ( Cyber Cafe ) and starts online and logging into Garena. Room 21. Id: Minnyn.

10.00 p.m - 3.00 a.m : Started Dota-ing and somehow able to win 4 games straight. What a night. I figured that im having a good luck today. Yeah!

3.00 a.m - 4.00 a.m - Lepak-ing at DE ( Darul Ehsan ), a Mamak restaurant near the CC.

4.00 a.m -6.30 a.m - My friends asked me to join him for another game. I followed him and somehow my lucks ran out. Lose 2 games straight. Damn Noob! WTF! Can't blame anyone though. I'm not that pro to win all the time. *sigh

6.30 a.m : It's time to go back home. Went to my motorcycle and .. DAMN! Flat tyre! how am i supposed to get back home like this? Geez! Need to wait for thhe workshop to open then.

7.00 a.m: Stay at Milo's house and sleep till noon.

12.00 noon : Woke up and went back to my motorcyle and tried to push it to the nearest workshop. Damn! so heavy lar! with the flat tyre and the burning heat from the sun above me. I'm sweating like hell.

1.00 p.m : Found the workshop and somehow manage to change the tyres and went back home.

Thanks to Dota, I managed to skip one day of work and got burned under the sunstrike and sleep all day long. I think my lucks ran out when i won the 4th game. *sigh. what a 'nice' day.

Dota Allstar 6.67c Map Download

Latest Map.
Click Here to download.

Credit to Official Dota Allstar.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dota Allstars 6.67b Map

Latest map for Dota Allstars is up.
Previous bugs problems in the previous map are fixed.
One of the bugs fixed is the Bounty Hunter 100% critical strike bug.

Click here to download Dota Allstars 6.67b Map.

Credit to Official Dota Allstars Download.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nick Vujicic - Get Up

Friday. 26th March 2010. 2.04 p.m.

I was streaming down the videos on YouTube when i found this amazing videos. So inspirational. So highly motivating. So touched by this video. Check this out.

DotA 6.67 Map Download

Click here to download latest Dota Allstar 6.67 Map. Last Updated 25 March 2010.

Credits to Official Dota Allstar Download.

The End.

Thursday. 25th March 2010. 7.49 p.m.
It's the end. Today is the last class for this semester. No more class after this. (^^). Need to prepare for the upcoming final exam. Nah~ I still got time. Lai! DotA one frame!

p/s: even if there are classes. I'm not going to be there. In fact it has been a month since i last attended a class. (^^) Cheers for me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Damn! Noob!

Thursday. 25 March 2010. 4.23 a.m.
I'd just played 3 frames of DotA. Damn! I'm so frustrated! So %^#&%! The game is so boring! All of them!

Imagine having a teammate who doesn't know their role. Imagine Magnus who doesn't know how to 'ulti' when GB-ing.Even better, he waits till all the enemy are far away before casting ulti! Imagine support hero who doesn't know to play support. Imagine having a teammate who feeds from early game. Imagine having Twin Headed Dragon who wants to buy 'Eye of Skadi' even when there are no other supporters in the team. Imagine having a noob player who pick Pudge as his hero and always miss when hooking. Imagine this. Imagine that. Arrrgh! Tension! Damn! Don't play with with me if you don't know how to play! Don't join my game!

P.S: If you are not a DotA player, then you won't understand this. (^^)

                                       p/s : This pic is just for illustration purpose only.