Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DotA Allstars

What is DotA?

First of all, DotA stands for Defense of the Ancients. This is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.DotA is the custom scenario of WarcraftIII : Frozen Throne which is the expansion for WarcraftIII: Reign of Chaos. DotA is a team game which consist of 5 for each team. The objective of this game is to destroy the ancient of the opponents. The ancient for team Sentinel is The World Tree. While for team Scourge is The Frozen Throne. The first team to destroy the opponent's ancient will be considered as the winner.

The Gameplay of DotA.

As mentioned above, DotA is a game that requires two team of 5. Before the starts of the game, each team will need to select the sides, which is Sentinel or Scourge. For team Sentinel, their base are located at the bottom of the map while for team Scourge is at the top.Every member of the team will need to choose their own hero to control. Each and every heroes in this game have different unique skills. There are 97 heroes to choose from. (Last updated for version 6.66b)

After having a hero to control, the player will need to choose a lane. There are 3 lanes in this game, which are top, bottom and mid. In every lane, there will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) creeps who will walk down the lane. Players will need to be on the lane and kill those creeps. For every creeps killed, the player will gain some certain experiences and some money. Sounds easy right? Here is the hard part. On the same lane, there will be opponents hero that will try to deny and harass you to prevent you from earning money and experiences. The process of killing creeps is considered as farming in this game.

During the game, the will be some attempts from the opponents who will try to kill you. For every kill, the player will earn some extra money and experiences. As for the one who is killed, he will lose some money and will be dead for certain amount of time. The heroes killed will need to wait for some time for his hero to be revived at base.

In some time during the game, there will be some gang-bang, where many heroes of the opponent will come and try to kill you. So, as a player, there are some precautions that are needed to be make to avoid being gang-banged. Some precautions are by using ward to be placed at certain areas so that we can see the opponent who are trying to gang-bang us, by 'play-safe' method as not crossing the river at the middle of the map and staying close to the tower and sticking to your team member. These actions can reduce your chances of being gang-banged.

The game will continues as long as the ancient of either team is not destroyed. There are 8 towers for each team which will provide some extra protection to the ancient. 3 towers are placed in each lane while the other 2 are placed in front of the ancient. These towers have high damage and will give some extra advantage to the player playing near the tower. For every tower destroyed, the opponent will earn extra money. If the towers are denied, the opponent will only get money of 100 while if the tower is destroyed by creeps, each opponent will earn 200.

Beside those lanes as stated above, there are also forest that are located besides each top and bottom lane. In these forest are neutral creeps. These neutral creeps are worth some extra money and are an ideal places to hide when gang-banging or hiding. There are 7 kinds of neutral creeps in the forest and each of them worth different money.

To add some spice to this game, the developer also had added another ancient in this game which is neutral. This ancient is Roshan. The starting level of Roshan is 25 and it is hard to kill without a proper skill and item. Killing Roshan will give the team some experiences, money and also a very valuable item, Aegis of Immortal. Aegis of Immortal is dropped once Roshan is killed and the bearer of this item will gain one reincarnation; that is to be revived in few seconds after being killed. Aegis of Immortal can't be dropped, meaning that it is not to be passed around to the fellow team members. The first hero who picks it up will hold the item.


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