Friday, March 26, 2010

Dota Allstars 6.67b Map

Latest map for Dota Allstars is up.
Previous bugs problems in the previous map are fixed.
One of the bugs fixed is the Bounty Hunter 100% critical strike bug.

Click here to download Dota Allstars 6.67b Map.

Credit to Official Dota Allstars Download.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nick Vujicic - Get Up

Friday. 26th March 2010. 2.04 p.m.

I was streaming down the videos on YouTube when i found this amazing videos. So inspirational. So highly motivating. So touched by this video. Check this out.

DotA 6.67 Map Download

Click here to download latest Dota Allstar 6.67 Map. Last Updated 25 March 2010.

Credits to Official Dota Allstar Download.

The End.

Thursday. 25th March 2010. 7.49 p.m.
It's the end. Today is the last class for this semester. No more class after this. (^^). Need to prepare for the upcoming final exam. Nah~ I still got time. Lai! DotA one frame!

p/s: even if there are classes. I'm not going to be there. In fact it has been a month since i last attended a class. (^^) Cheers for me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Damn! Noob!

Thursday. 25 March 2010. 4.23 a.m.
I'd just played 3 frames of DotA. Damn! I'm so frustrated! So %^#&%! The game is so boring! All of them!

Imagine having a teammate who doesn't know their role. Imagine Magnus who doesn't know how to 'ulti' when GB-ing.Even better, he waits till all the enemy are far away before casting ulti! Imagine support hero who doesn't know to play support. Imagine having a teammate who feeds from early game. Imagine having Twin Headed Dragon who wants to buy 'Eye of Skadi' even when there are no other supporters in the team. Imagine having a noob player who pick Pudge as his hero and always miss when hooking. Imagine this. Imagine that. Arrrgh! Tension! Damn! Don't play with with me if you don't know how to play! Don't join my game!

P.S: If you are not a DotA player, then you won't understand this. (^^)

                                       p/s : This pic is just for illustration purpose only.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DotA Allstars

What is DotA?

First of all, DotA stands for Defense of the Ancients. This is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.DotA is the custom scenario of WarcraftIII : Frozen Throne which is the expansion for WarcraftIII: Reign of Chaos. DotA is a team game which consist of 5 for each team. The objective of this game is to destroy the ancient of the opponents. The ancient for team Sentinel is The World Tree. While for team Scourge is The Frozen Throne. The first team to destroy the opponent's ancient will be considered as the winner.

The Gameplay of DotA.

As mentioned above, DotA is a game that requires two team of 5. Before the starts of the game, each team will need to select the sides, which is Sentinel or Scourge. For team Sentinel, their base are located at the bottom of the map while for team Scourge is at the top.Every member of the team will need to choose their own hero to control. Each and every heroes in this game have different unique skills. There are 97 heroes to choose from. (Last updated for version 6.66b)

After having a hero to control, the player will need to choose a lane. There are 3 lanes in this game, which are top, bottom and mid. In every lane, there will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) creeps who will walk down the lane. Players will need to be on the lane and kill those creeps. For every creeps killed, the player will gain some certain experiences and some money. Sounds easy right? Here is the hard part. On the same lane, there will be opponents hero that will try to deny and harass you to prevent you from earning money and experiences. The process of killing creeps is considered as farming in this game.

During the game, the will be some attempts from the opponents who will try to kill you. For every kill, the player will earn some extra money and experiences. As for the one who is killed, he will lose some money and will be dead for certain amount of time. The heroes killed will need to wait for some time for his hero to be revived at base.

In some time during the game, there will be some gang-bang, where many heroes of the opponent will come and try to kill you. So, as a player, there are some precautions that are needed to be make to avoid being gang-banged. Some precautions are by using ward to be placed at certain areas so that we can see the opponent who are trying to gang-bang us, by 'play-safe' method as not crossing the river at the middle of the map and staying close to the tower and sticking to your team member. These actions can reduce your chances of being gang-banged.

The game will continues as long as the ancient of either team is not destroyed. There are 8 towers for each team which will provide some extra protection to the ancient. 3 towers are placed in each lane while the other 2 are placed in front of the ancient. These towers have high damage and will give some extra advantage to the player playing near the tower. For every tower destroyed, the opponent will earn extra money. If the towers are denied, the opponent will only get money of 100 while if the tower is destroyed by creeps, each opponent will earn 200.

Beside those lanes as stated above, there are also forest that are located besides each top and bottom lane. In these forest are neutral creeps. These neutral creeps are worth some extra money and are an ideal places to hide when gang-banging or hiding. There are 7 kinds of neutral creeps in the forest and each of them worth different money.

To add some spice to this game, the developer also had added another ancient in this game which is neutral. This ancient is Roshan. The starting level of Roshan is 25 and it is hard to kill without a proper skill and item. Killing Roshan will give the team some experiences, money and also a very valuable item, Aegis of Immortal. Aegis of Immortal is dropped once Roshan is killed and the bearer of this item will gain one reincarnation; that is to be revived in few seconds after being killed. Aegis of Immortal can't be dropped, meaning that it is not to be passed around to the fellow team members. The first hero who picks it up will hold the item.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Another Tuesday.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2010. 7.50 a.m.
This is just like any other Tuesday.
Nothing special to be done. Nothing special to be celebrated.
Here goes nothing.
Waking up early in the morning.
Going straight to the PC and then i started thinking.

Am i going to class today?
What's going to happen with my attendance sheets which are full of blanks?
Am i going to be able to take the final exam with all those attendance?
Just the thought of not being able to take the final scared me.
What i'm going to do if i can't take the exam?
There are no meanings of being in an university but then can't take the examination.
A waste of one full semester.

But then..
But then after a while, all those thoughts fled away.
I started playing games like how i used to be.
Guess i'm such a loser then.
That's what others thought of me.
Hell no i take what they said.
Yeah thats's me.

P.S. I'm not a LOSER. Does that make me a hipo?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Result SPM?

Hari ni hari Rabu. Tarikh hari ni 10 Mac 2010.
Ape yang special dengan tarikh hari ni?
Well. Hari ni xder pape pon.
Esok sebenarnye hari yang ditunggu-tunggu.
(^^) *Untuk lepasan SPM 2009 je la.

Esok, Khamis, 11 Mac 2010 merupakan tarikh keramat di mana result SPM akan diumumkan.
Yeah! I like that.! (^^)

Tengok budak2 lepasan SPM yang tgh nervous untuk tunggu hari esok,
aku teringat lak time aku nak amik result SPM. Hoho.

Untuk aku, SPM tu benda biase je. Aku x amik kisah sangat.
Aku relax je time nak amik result tu.
Xder makna nak takut2. Bukannyer kalo aku takut nnt result tu blei berubah jadi lagi baik.
Btol x? Btol kan. So xperlu la nak takut2.
Chill~ Relax.
P.S: tapi time pagi nak g amik result tu pon aku nervous la jugak sikit. hehe.

Aku ingat lagi. Time aku nak g amik result tu. Aku bangun lambat.
Patutnye kna amik awal pagi. Tapi aku amik result time da nak dekat tengah hari. Hehe.
Tapi bagus gak amik result lambat. Xder nak kena tunggu2 turn. Sampai2 terus amik result. Yeah!
Time amik result tu, aku pasrah sekejap Mana xnyer. Ingatkan dapat sume A.
Sekali sangkut lak 1 B3. Pasrah. Tension pon ada. Subjek Kimia.
Sebelum SPM, aku dah bajet Kimia tu dapat A, minimum pon A2 la.
Tu yang frust tu. (T_T)

Oke sambung citer.
Lepas amik result tu, aku teros balik umah.
Cite ngan family aku. member2.
agak sedih gak ar bile nak cakap dapat 1 B tu.
Huhu. Tapi xsampai seminggu pastu aku nyer frust da hilang.
Dah berjaya terima kenyataan.

Dengan berbekalkan result SPM aku tu. Aku berjaya masuk Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.
Lepas dah habis belajar kat Matrik Johor tu, Aku sambung degree kat UTM Skudai. Amik kos Kejuruteraan Elektrik Telekomunikasi. Sekarang dah tahun 3. Alhamdullillah. (^^)

Sekarang aku nak bagi nasihat kat pelajar2 yang akan amik result SPM korang esok.
Xperlu nervous sangat sampai malam ni korang xtido. Relax k. Chill.
Esok bile dah dapat result tu. Jangan terlalu bersedih kalau result korang 'kurang memuaskan".
Masa depan korang masih luas lagi. still ada masa untuk perbaiki diri korang. Aku yakin korang boleh!
Dan bagi yang dapat result gempak tu. Aku ucapkan Tahniah! Usaha korang dah membuahkan hasil.! Tapi jangan terlalu gembira sangat. Macam yang aku cakap kat atas tadi, masa depan korang masih luas lagi. Banyak benda boleh berlaku pada masa depan. Jangan pilih jalan yang salah. Be on the right track!

Lastly, Aku nak ucapkan GOOD LUCK untuk candidate SPM 2009 yang akan amik result esok. All the best!

P.S: Good Luck juga kepada adik kesayangan aku, Kasmawati yang juga merupakan candidate SPM 2009. All the best to you!